I’m Eleanor

I created The Thriving Researcher so that you, as a doctoral or early-career researcher:

  • can access expert input and a supportive academic community regardless of your individual circumstances
  • don’t have to feel isolated, an outlier, somehow ‘less’ of a researcher for whatever reason(s), or limited by the confines of your institution.
  • can access high quality support and resources, on your terms, while building your personal network and confidence

I’m a researcher myself, I love my field (talk to me any time about how communities use ideas of law to establish and solidify group identity) and the process of research, but not the professional landscape for early career researchers in the UK. It’s not a good fit with my preferences for employment security and putting down roots.

Happily, I found my passion as as a Researcher Developer, and now work for one of the top universities in the world, supporting some 1,500 researchers doing what they do best, and contributing to institutional and national policy and practice.

I love seeing the positive impact that research-informed, precision support can have on researchers’ lives and work.


    Through my personal and academic networks, increasingly I saw researchers:

    • wanting to come together across institutions, to broaden their connections and networks, and accelerate the start of their professional academic lives
    • looking to explore some aspects of researcher life outside the confines of their home institution. After all, how many of us want to raise a hand in our departmental context and talk about how issues like imposter syndrome, anxiety, and perfectionism affect our everyday life?
    • with lives increasingly skewed towards isolation, as departments and institutions closed, and academic communities physically dispersed.

    We needed a new type of forum:

    The Thriving Researcher online community!

    “It’s about exploring the how of academic practice in the context of your real life, however complex and messy that is, surrounded by a supportive, engaged and encouraging community. Not breaking yourself to match an imagined blueprint of a ‘perfect researcher’. I see you: you’re doing the best you can in the circumstances you’re in. You are absolutely good enough and I can help you do what you do best.”

    the thriving researcher programme can help you

    • overcome low motivation or difficulty focussing on your writing through our regular ‘We Write’ retreat sessions
    • combat isolation and the departmental ‘small-circle’ phenomenon through our regular ‘We Meet’ coffee mornings for social and networking purposes
    • unlock practical know-how of established academics about how they’ve shaped and formed their work alongside experiences including parenthood, external employment, chronic illness and mental health/illness, through regular guest spots (coming Aug ’20)
    • easily acquire practical tools and tips on aspects of researcher experience, through my weekly blog
    • achieve specific academic goals, action-by-action, through group or individual coaching

    You don’t have to do this all on your own. Join us today for access to our events!

    WONDERING WHETHER coaching could help?
    LEt’s chat!

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